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NOTE: This is a historical article. Vampire secrecy is not currently a system used by Path of the Vampire. The system was removed shortly before the Exposed! side story, which took place in late 2016. Therefor, none of the information on this page is relevant after that time. However, the article remains undeleted due to the huge impact it had on Path for several years.


As the name implies, secrecy is a main part of the vampire culture. In order to remain unknown to humans, vampires hide their identities from humans, masquerading as the living. A breach of secrecy occurs when a vampire is seen feeding, using their powers, fighting in a supernatural way, or doing anything suspicious (such as rapid healing or seeming unfazed by serious injury).

This is why suspiciously vampiric activities should always be carried out in low security areas with no human witnesses. This includes CCTV cameras, which automatically raise the security of a square (such as banks). Each breach of secrecy will raise the city alert level. Continuous breaches of secrecy will eventually land your character on the violations list.

Violations List

Characters who breach the vampiric secrecy may be added to a list of known violators, visible on Crownet. This list is populated by other player characters. Once a violation is reported, it will remain on the list for 3 months from the date of the incident. Only death, the 3 month wait or the original reporter choosing to remove the violation will clear a name from the list.

Decreases to City Alert

Decreasing Alert Level
NPC Location
Alpha Fadebeasts Sewers
Ancient Sorcerers Undead Raids
Ancient Tizheruks Wilderness
Beserker Paladin Sewers
Fadebeast World Map
Feral Vampirest Qz
Government Agent World Map
Lionell Illusionists Focault Castle
Lionell Initiate|s Focault Castle
Lionell Overlord Focault Castle
Lionell Shifters Focault Castle
Lionell Summoners Focault Castle
Paladin Elders Hunter Raids
Rogue Necromancers Undead Raids
Rogue Vampire World Map
Vampires World Map

If your character is a law abiding sort, not only can you kill the NPC's listed,
you can also do the following to lower the city alert:

  • Evidence Hacks
  • Killing people (PCs) with violations. The more violations, the more impact.
  • Around 40% of all random events (has quite a big impact, comparatively).
  • Impact threads.
  • Chapter actions.
  • Chapter outcomes (as in, the end result of the whole chapter).

Increases to City Alert

Increasing City Alert
Offenses Location
Cop (B&E or NPC) World Map, B&E
Gangster World Map
Guard World Map
Thief World Map

Activities listed below will raise the city alert level:

  • Being seen Fighting with Vampires
  • Giving a vampire Identity to a human
  • Using certain powers in public
  • Certain random events
  • Evidence Hacks
  • Impact threads.
  • Chapter actions.
  • Chapter outcomes (as in, the end result of the whole chapter).

Killing cops, using certain powers in public, being seen feeding (including reported necuratism), and fighting between vampires can all be reported to the Violation's List. Other activities such as uploading evidence hacks to humans, killing guards or thieves, and participating in certain random events cannot be reported on the Violation List, though they may raise notoriety, which will cause Cops to shoot at the character with high notoriety on the grid. Giving humans vampire identities do not necessarily increase violation reports, however identity sharing can be seen in memories, and if caught, the vampire (and possibly human) in question may be attacked.

Impact Roleplay[IR]

Impact Roleplay[IR]: Is defined as an rp that you have run by mods /impact people and involves your character or others that do something to raise or lower human’s notice of Vampires.

Example: Enver, Madison and Alexandrea were involved in a thread where that was a blatant display of vampire behavior in front of humans and police. Enver, Madison and Alexandrea then Recieved:

  • + 1% increase city alert
  • + 15 notoriety to Enver, Madison and Alexandrea

Human Hunters

These humans can and will attack you anywhere you sleep if your bounty higher then ?? or if you have gotten a lot of notice from trying to feed on humans. Please be aware these wounds nautrally increase the danger of you being spotted in any security area over 2. This can also cause you to get a higher bounty and cause the city alert to raise when you are caught feeding on humans.

Example of a Possible Wound:
Wound: Sliced leg
Affected: dexterity (-3 pts)
Remaining: 2 days
Given by: HUMAN

Mooncalf: First of all I should start by saying that ANY vampire is a viable and possible target for hunters, especially if the city alert is high. The higher the alert goes, the more 'innocent' vampires will get hit, which makes even non-violators care. However, vampires who have most recently drawn attention to themselves or exposed themselves as vampires to humans are most at risk.

a) All of them. But not only secrecy violations. Killing cops and guards is going to lead to investigations, which is going to lead to more attention, which occasionally attracts the attention of hunters.

b) If you lay low after a period of being spotted feeding / using powers / killing cops (etc.), then your chances of being hit are going to drop much lower after a week or two.

c) Yes. The more human NPCs who see you do something, the more chance that a hunter is going to hit you. Also, killing cops outside of a B&E event is one of the worst things you can do if you want to avoid hunter attacks. But even inside B&Es, killing innocents is a bad idea, so try to sneak.

d) You can hack to find evidence of your violations stored on human computers, and remove this incriminating evidence. I believe we were planning on adding a ritual which also does a similar thing (removes memories from random NPC humans to drop your chances of being exposed), though we haven't got around to it yet. I don't believe there's anything else right now, though.


If you receive a wound from the sunlight, this can also cause security in buildings and the world map to raise and thereby give you a bigger bounty and/or raise the alert system.

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