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While unarmed combat is possible, use of a weapon increases the accuracy of an attack, leading to a higher chance to wound the target. In addition, weapons deal more severe and longer-lasting wounds.


All weapons have three stats - Accuracy, Power and Quality.

  • Accuracy: Helps determine if the attack is successful as well as location and severity of the wound
  • Power: Helps determine the severity of the wound
  • Quality: Determines the rate at which a weapon breaks

Generally, when talking about the stats of a weapon, people will use a shorthand version - 9/3/4 - where the first number is the accuracy, the second the power, and the final being the quality.

Types of Weapons

Regardless of the type, all weapons can deal critical and fatal wounds.


  • Blades

Blades include sharp weapons such as knives and swords. Blades deal slices, stabs and severed limbs, which can cause significant blood and stat losses to an opponent. Blades hit less frequently, but deal more severe wounds than do firearms.

Skills and Attributes Required: Melee, Strength, Dexterity, Skill

  • Blunt Weapons

These are blunt objects, such as police batons and baseball bats. They deal blunt force trauma wounds - mainly broken bones - and do not generally cause severe blood loss to an opponent. Blunt weapons hit less frequently than do firearms and deal less harsh wounds than do blades.

Skills and Attributes Required: Melee, Strength, Dexterity, Skill


Firearms require ammunition in order to function, which must be purchased separately. Ammo incurs an additional cost post-purchase of the firearm in question, also found in shops. Different types of firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns, rapid-fire guns, etc.) require different types of ammo; ensure you are purchasing the correct type. These weapons deal piercing wounds that are both high in blood and stat loss. Firearms hit more frequently than melee weapons, but deal less severe wounds in general.

Skills and Attributes Required: Firearms, Skill, Dexterity

Additional requirement: Ammo

Training/Joke Weapons

These weapons are used for skirmish training. Attacking a character with one of these weapons does not constitute as an attack; they are meant to be fun or training weapons only. These weapons may be purchased in the contraband shops.

Acquiring Weapons

Weapons are plentiful within the city. There are several places they can be found and various methods that can be used to acquire them.

Shops sell basic weapons, training weapons, and ammo for firearms. These weapons range in price, accuracy, power and quality. Aside from Training Weapons, all weapons are priced in cash.

Breaking and Entering into a warehouse has an one in three chance of the loot being solely weapons. There is a 50/50 chance of these weapons being firearms or blades. Higher security buildings have a better chance of spawning better weapons.

Some Battle Raids have weapons laying around on the floor. Firearms can be found in Gangster raids while blades can be found in Zombie raids.

Blades can be found laying around on the grounds of the Catacombs.

Forging Weapons

Forging a weapon is an especially good way of creating the best quality weapons. To be good at forging, a character must have access to a forge, which can be purchased at the karma shop. There are also forges found scattered throughout the city in various buildings. For a character to be good at forging, they must have a high Metalworking score, as well as high Strength and Skill scores.

Equipping Weapons

Characters can equip both one Melee weapon (Blade) and one Firearm weapon (Gun) at the same time. The game mechanics will automatically pick between these weapons dependent upon the circumstances.

In battles, the system automatically picks between the equipped weapons based upon combatant's battle tactics. If a character does not have a particular type of weapon equipped, they will rely solely on their equipped weapon - the system will not choose a weapon of the opposing kind for them. Should they have no weapons equipped at all, they will be forced to fight unarmed.

In skirmish fights, the system will pick between your equipped weapons automatically (if you have 2 equipped) based on what stat (firearms or melee) is higher. If those stats are equal, it will pick your equipped firearm, so be sure to only equip 1 weapon if you want to have complete control when attacking in a skirmish fight.

Breaking Weapons

Quality 10 weapons should never, ever break. All other weapons have a small chance of breaking during each NPC battle. The chance of weapons breaking is a minimum 1 in 20 (for quality 1 weapons), and a maximum 1 in 1000 (for quality 9 weapons). If you have 2 weapons equipped, then it will randomly pick between them before checking to see if it broke.

Melee weapons have roughly a 20% higher chance of breaking than firearms. This is to make up for the ammo cost involved in fighting NPCs, and is also quite realistic, as swords break more often than guns.

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