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Welcome to the Path of the Vampire wiki! A wiki is an open source community project to pool collective knowledge. You are welcome to edit, contribute, discuss and modify contents as you see fit, however there are generally certain etiquette guidelines you are expected to follow. This page will go over the basic behavioral guidelines to follow when editing wiki pages.

For a more expansive overview of proper wiki etiquette, check out Wikipedia's Etiquette Guidelines.

Editing Content

As previously stated, a wiki is an open source project. Unless a page is protected, you're free to edit content, but keep in mind that edits should focus on improving either content, accessibility or aesthetics.

If an edit is small (typo fix, minor coding tweak), check the minor edit box before submitting. Also, if you feel that a page is in dire need of more information, simply add the {{MoreInfo}} tag to the very top of the page. This produces...

  CBI.png More Info! This article requires more information. Please help us by adding to it!
Click the 'edit' link to the right to add your information to this article.

...and lets other users know that the page is in need of more information.

If, for whatever reason, you do not feel comfortable making an edit yourself, simply add a {{Clean}} tag to the very top of the page, and then make use of the Talk page to indicate what you think needs modified. This produces...

  Cleanup.png This article requires cleanup or modification to improve clarity and readability.

... and lets other users know that a page requires a bit of help.

If you are creating a new page that you are in the middle of edits on and wish to step away from to later return to in order to finish, then simply add the {{UnderConstruction}} tag at the top and it will produce...

  Cone.png This page is currently under construction. Please be patient with its progress.

... which tells people that the page is in the middle of edits and that you will be back within a short period of time to work on it further. (After two days, the UnderConstruction tag can be replaced with the MoreInfo tag.)

Page Tags

As of February 2016, the Path of the Vampire Wiki now has page tags, which can be used to easily identify, at a glance, what the content of an article pertains to. The tags are as follows:

{{RP}} : This article refers to either Path canon information, or is about the subject of RP itself. Examples include: RP Dice Roller & Fade Beasts (RP)

{{Gameplay}} : This article refers exclusively to information about the grid or explaining grid mechanics. Examples include: Loot and Raids

{{Wiki Help}} : This article refers to information which helps a user navigate or use the wiki itself. Examples include: Wiki Codes

{{PlayerMade}} : This article refers to information posted by a player, and does not fall into the category of character, thrall, bloodline, faction, etc. Essentially this page is subject to player opinion, and therefor does not constitute canon unless stated. This article may also be a player submitted tutorial, or list. Examples include: The Illuminated Texts and Tutorial Hub Tips

{{Location}} : This article is about a location that is a major part of the city. This article does not refer to a territory. Player owned locations should be added to the Buildings page under the appropriate classification. Examples include: Necropolis

Talk Pages

Especially for large scale edits, make use of the Talk (click Discussion) page on whichever page it is you're thinking of editing. Not only does this allow other contributors to provide feedback on the posited edit, but it also allows for expansion on one person's idea prior to implementation.

If you don't think it's necessary to wait for feedback, you can also simply use the Talk page to leave a note explaining more in-depth the changes you've made. There are a couple templates that assist with this easily and quickly.

Template:Moved: For letting people know that you have moved information place the {{Moved}} tag. Produces:

  Arrow right.png Information was moved from this article to another.
See New_Page

Template:Restored: For letting people know you reversed the last revision, and why, use the {{Restored}} tag. Produces:

  Rest1.png This article 's last revision was restored. See above for details.

Template:Cleanup: For letting people know the article was edited to help with its aesthetics, use the {{Cleanup}} tag. Produces:

  Applications graphics.png This article was edited to help with its aesthetics
Recurring links and unnecessary content not pertinent to the fluidity of the article have been removed.

You can also use user talk pages to ask questions, suggests edits to some of their pages, coding modifications, compliment, etc.

Talk pages are also a great place for offering constructive criticism, however when doing so, keep a few things in mind:

  • Be polite - we're all contributing to the same cause
  • If criticism is necessary, comment on the content, not the contributor
  • Be as clear and concise as possible
  • Lay out possible solutions to a problem
  • Keep conversations ordered and easy to follow; if there's a discussion being had, keep it on one page. Use colons (:) to nest comments on talk pages

Be aware that the rules from the forum also apply to talk pages of the Wiki.
You can and will be reported for violating the PotV rules.

Editing Persona Pages

While the majority of pages greatly benefit from user edits and contributions, you should actively avoid editing personal pages.

Generally, the only pages with these tags are Player Character pages or Player Character Business pages. Since the information found there is personal to the player, please avoid editing them. Make use of talk pages, or adjusting minor elements (typos, broken code, etc.) is acceptable, but any changes to content are highly frowned upon.

Other pages which should be edited with discretion are bloodline pages, which should only have content changed by members of said bloodline. The same rule applies to faction pages.

If you do make edits like adjusting code, or fixing typos, then its best to go to either their discussion page or the players talk page and leave a little note letting them know exactly what you did. If you think their page should be edited more thoroughly, an Out Of Character PM on the forum to the player is suggested. Communication is key!

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