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The world map, by definition, is the overall game grid and all its respective layers. This article will go over the major layers of the PotV grid, including areas where characters hunt to gain experience, gather items and interact with other player characters. For help navigating the grid itself, see Grid Navigation.

Note: When referring to 'the map' of these locations, most players are referring to the Google docs hosted grid Map, located here. At the bottom of the map you will see various tabs, each focusing on different navigational information related to the game grid. This includes a complete building list & interior "blueprints" of all publically accessible areas. Please feel free to refer to the map should your character get lost.

City Layers

The city of Harper Rock has 4 main 'layers': the outside world, indoors, the sewers and the Shadow Realm. Each type of area will be explained below. - in order to facilitate navigation, it Is advisable to enable grid coordinates via the Settings.

All outdoor city layers (outside world map, sewers and shadow realm) cost 0.2 energy/square to move, whereas indoors this cost is reduce by half.

Outside World

The outside world is, like in the real world, the main means of getting from place to place. Transits facilitate travel between districts. Each square on the grid represents a city block - although there is only usually one building named on each block, this location represents the dominant building in the area, not the only building on the block.

When travelling the outside grid, you'll notice different kinds of buildings:

  • Green: Shops
  • Blue: Banks
  • Red: Public buildings
  • Purple: Private buildings

Red buildings are publicly accessible to vampires and humans, but can either be publicly or privately owned.

Private player-owned buildings are purple on the grid and are generally locked to outsiders. Vampires will received an alert stating that a mysterious force is preventing them from entering the private location. Humans, however, can enter anywhere, but this does not necessarily mean they should.

The Wilderness

The wilderness is a practically infinite expanse of forest uninhabited by humans. Wild animals and some plants can be found here. While humans need not fear the Fae who roam the wilds, these beings make it very dangerous for vampires to venture far from the city limits. Do not explore the area extensively, as there is nothing particularly valuable there and there is nothing on the other side. If, in the interest of RP, your vampire character needs to leave Harper Rock, they can do so by car, bus/train or air plane. To walk through the wilderness would be suicidal, as the Fae hate vampires and attack on sight; these creatures are stronger than vampires and can inflict grievous wounds.

Limits have been put on the wilderness, so that players can not go outside of a 30 square radius.


The Sewer level

The sewers can be accessed by various entrances, which are marked on the map to the right with an orange E. Blue E signs mark exists that lead to buildings. It is possible to have a sewer exit inside a private building. The Catacombs, Sewer Dwellings, and the Quarantine Zone can also be accessed via sewer entrance.

There is typically one sewer exit near every transit. Below is a list of all sewer entrances, courtesy of the official Harper Rock city map.

Sewer Entrances
Coordinates District
6, -4 Cherrydale
10, 4 Honeymead
35, 9 Bullwood
9, 11 Westwall
22, 11 Gullsborough
13, 17 Coastside
38, 17 River Rock
31, 19 Quarantine Zone
-1, 21 Coastside/Westwall
10, 24 Coastside
19, 24 Wickbridge
27, 31 Swansdale
10, 33 Newborough

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is the land of the dead, and not part of the “physical” world. It is where all dead characters are sent, human and vampire alike. Vampires can return from the Shadow Realm, but humans and wraiths usually cannot.

The realm is 100x100 squares in size, making it smaller than the city itself, however the realm layout and pattern shifts regularly, making it impossible to map. There are NPC spirits there, which can be fed on for anima, as well as the spirits of dead characters. In order to return to the real world, 20 gates are randomly dispersed through the map.


Once off the world map and inside any kind of building (and even hunting areas), your character is considered 'inside'. Movement costs reduce to 0.1 energy/square.

Hunting Areas

Hunting areas are subsections of the grid in which various NPCs can be found. These areas are great for gaining Experience and leveling your character. A combat proficiency (broken down into categories) and suggested minimum level are listed for each area, however these are purely suggestions and success in each area will depend on individual character build. For combat proficiency, the *recommended skill points listed are for either Martial Arts or Firearms.

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