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Damage dealt to a character causes a wound. Your character's wounds can be viewed on the wounds page, under the Character Menu. All wounds will cause damage, but the attribute reduced will depend on the type of wound inflicted. Although vampires heal rapidly compared with humans, major damage will still take a few days to heal. The severity, duration and blood loss of a wound varies with the type of wound dealt (physical or psychic), the healing stat of the wounded party, and any relics or powers either party may have.

Male wound "dummy" showing multiple wounds.

Types of Wounds

There are several different types of wounds that a character can receive depending on the method used to inflict the wound. Each type has some unique characteristics.

Physical Wounds

Physical wounds are any wounds dealt by weapons (both melee and firearms), traps, or NPCs. Some powers deal physical damage (i.e. Shadowstrike, Summon Sidhe, Deadeye).

If a vampire acquires 20 trap wounds, they will automatically be killed and sent to the Shadow Realm without the usual need for a critical wound as the killing blow.

Critical Wounds

Critical Wounds are those physical wounds severe enough to impede a vampire's ability to feed. Sunburns, heart wounds, head wounds and snapped spines are considered critical. These wounds show on the wound page as normal, but have an indication in red that the wound is a critical one.

While critically wounded, a vampire will only be able to feed a maximum of one time per day. This restriction does not apply to Necurats .

If a vampire is critically wounded while at 0 blood, the character will be sent to the Shadow Realm or be crippled for 1 week. Death vs. crippling is determined by the attacker's chosen Battle Tactics. If a vampire acquires 20 trap wounds, they will automatically be killed and sent to the Shadow Realm.

Critical wounds cannot be healed by powers. However the Quickening power downgrades a critical wound to a non-critical one. This would then allow it to be healed like any other wound.

Psychic Wounds

Wounds that damage the mind, rather than the body, are considered psychic wounds. These wounds are dealt exclusively by powers or rituals.

Psychic wounds cannot be healed by the powers Mystic Healing or Zombie Constitution. Healing trance, however, will reduce the duration of psychic wounds.

Crippled Wounds

If your character is dealt a finishing blow by someone whose Battle Tactics are set to Cripple, you gain a Crippled Wound. This a severe 25 point loss wound that lasts a week. Your character may never have more than one at a time.

Death Wounds

Should your vampire die and be sent to the Shadow Realm, they will receive a Death Wound. These are special wounds that apply a stat loss to a random stat. The duration of the wound and severity of the stat loss is dependent upon the number of times the character has died.

Death wounds can be decreased while in the Shadow Realm by feeding on spirits. Healing Trance can be used to remove an extra day from the wound.

The Reaper's Amulet relic reduces all future Death Wounds by half. The Rejuvenation power, once purchased, also decreases future Death wounds by either 30 or 60 days depending on tier.

Effect of Wounds

All wounds have some sort of effect on the afflicted character. Some wounds result in blood loss as well as a stat loss while other wounds only result in stat loss.

Blood Loss

Blood loss is an immediate effect that lowers the character's current blood level by the required number of points. More severe wounds tend to result in larger blood losses. Unless the character is critically wounded, hospitalized or in the Shadow Realm, blood loss can be recovered by feeding or buying blood packs. While critically wounded, blood can only be recovered once per day.

Stat Loss

Nearly all wounds apply a stat loss to the character. The severity of the loss typically depends on the severity of the wound - a severed leg will have a higher loss than a slash wound. Different types of wounds effect different stats.


Each wound has a duration that shows how long that wound will take to heal. Durations vary by the severity of the wound and take into account several other factors that may either increase or decrease the duration of the wound.

The duration of wounds is decreased by:

The duration of wounds is increased by:

  • Being a Shadow Path vampire as the duration on all physical wounds is increased by one day due to their inherent difficulty healing the physical body
  • Attacker having a Ring of Deep Wounding relic which increases the duration of PVP wounds by one day
  • Use of powers
    • Humanize - prevents healing for 1-2 days
    • Charged Touch - adds 1 day duration to any skirmish attacks or power (tier two only)


Wounds heal (decrease in duration by 1) at day change. Allowing wounds to heal naturally is certainly an option, though there are many powers that allow for quicker healing.

It is important to note, however, that healing powers (mystic healing, zombie constitution, healing trance) can only be used once daily, unless in the possession of a Healing Vambrace relic.

Humans can get limited healing at the city's hospitals by approaching the Admission Desk. For $500, they can reduce the stat loss on a single wound by 1 point though there is no effect on the duration. Wounds with an one point stat loss cannot be healed.

Viewing Wounds

Your Character

Your character's wounds can be viewed on the wounds page, under the Character Menu.

Other Characters

When standing in the same square as someone your character has the ID for (if need be), you can click on the character's name to view their in-game character sheet. Under their stats, there will be a "View Wounds" link that can be clicked to view their wound page.

Humans and Wounds

While humans can be wounded by PCs, NPCs, Traps, and powers, they cannot be given critical wounds or lose limbs, as these injuries would be fatal or permanent. Once a human reaches 0 blood or acquires 10 wounds, they will be rushed to the Hospital to heal for 1 week. During this time, they will be unable to leave.

Classed humans have healing powers available to them. Paladins can use Cleansing Chant to heal themselves for 1 or 2 blood. Blood Thieves can use any vampire healing powers they've acquired from their most recent, active, feed. Sorcerers can use Healing Touch to heal a non-critical wound on others or themselves (with the Tier 2 version).

Humans have access to limited healing at the city's hospitals. Checking-in at the Admission Desk will allow the character to a buy a treatment. For $500, the stat loss on a single wound is lower by 1 point though there is no effect on the duration. Wounds with an one point stat loss cannot be healed.

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