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The wraith guides claim to be from various far-away lands, but are all more than 400 years old. These dead vampires are unable to return to life due to the area in which they were killed, as the area surrounding Harper Rock is the only area in which the sundering between realms allows for vampire resurrection.

Little is known about the wraith guides, though they will reveal certain aspects of themselves to inquisitive individuals, to degrees varying from guide to guide. They do not all seem to be of the same mind regarding current issues in the city, and neither do they all possess similar temperament. Some claim to have known one another in life, but their exact relationships are unknown.

They have revealed -- to some of their students -- that they are able to project their spirits to Harper Rock only due to the considerable power they acquired either as vampires or wraiths (in most cases, both). When they first discovered Harper Rock, their spirits came together to decide which of them could best instruct living vampires in the ways of various power "paths".

Other than this, most information about the wraith guides is unknown. Some will reveal certain things about themselves if they are asked, but most of them seem secretive and aloof at best.

Revyia is the only wraith to date who has been capable of escaping the Shadow Realm and return to the mortal realm in the flesh. Her duties teaching would-be Necromancers were transferred to Danicus.


The process of training vampires to "unlock" certain potential abilities in them is a mixture of instruction, specific tasks geared towards the desired talent, and a link between the shadow realm and the wraith guides themselves. The guides wander the city, but can be located through Crownet.

Most of the guides have a similar method of helping a vampire to learn new abilities. Though all of them claim that in ancient times, growth was a hundred times slower, they say that things are different in the modern age due to the proximity of the "sundering" (the rip between realms, caused by Cobb in 2011).

With similar logic, their method of training revolves around using themselves as a proxy or a beacon for the power emanating from the rift itself. In return for a measure of power (or life essence) from the vampire student, they are able to excel the natural growth of the vampire and help them to unlock other power "paths" which neighbor the student's natural starting path.

In addition, they give the vampire various tasks to perform which are designed to attune them to their developing powers. For example, Gwyllia, who teaches the "Immortal" school of powers, has her students inflict minor wounds on themselves over and over, as well as getting them to undergo rigorous tests of endurance and stamina. Such repeated tasks do not in themselves awaken new possible powers in the vampire, but they do appear to help.

It is unknown if the required sacrifice of power from the student is necessary for the training, or if it is merely the payment the wraith asks.

The Wraiths

Following are the commonly known details regarding each of the wraith guides (according to them, at least). Please note that as wraiths appear as black silhouettes, only their stature is possible to describe.


"Does it bring madness? Does vampirism? Does death? Does life? Does faith? Does not being born spew us into the world, screaming and gurgling with madness?"
Gender: Male
Teaches: Illusionist
Path: Telepath (info, powers, RP info)
Voice: Berlion speaks in odd patterns, with an accent which is difficult to place but sounds faintly French.
Apparent Personality: It is possible that madness has taken Berlion, whose doubtless genius is often difficult to follow when he speaks.
Stature: Tall, thin silhouette Most likely bearded.
Claimed Age: 800 years


"'Hiding what we are? A sound notion, but only for as long as it takes to kill or enslave humanity."
Gender: Male
Teaches: Mystic (info, powers, RP info)
Path: Unknown
Voice: Brujo says next to nothing. He speaks only when absolutely necessary, and has a plain, deep tone to his voice. He has a rich sounding Spanish accent.
Apparent Personality: Brujo is probably not this wraith's real name, and even that is likely a deliberate ploy for privacy. Brujo is secretive and immutable.
Stature: Brujo is even taller and broader than Berlion, and is noticeable for the rigidness of his stance.
Claimed Age: Unknown


"I am a woman and a mother. A child of the lord forever lost in this bleak realm."
Gender: Female
Teaches: Summoner
Path: Mystic (info, powers, RP info)
Voice: Has a medium-low pitched French accent. Speaks very plainly, and raises her tone often, but doesn't reveal much.
Apparent Personality: Angry, bitter, seems to dislike weak females. Occasionally speaks of faith and the Christian religion.
Stature: Athletic, small of frame.
Claimed Age: 800 years


Gender: Male (?)
Teaches: Necromancer (info, powers, RP info)
Path: Unknown
Voice: Unknown
Apparent Personality: Unknown
Stature: Unknown
Claimed Age: Unknown


"Better, it is, to refrain from siring fools, than to find yourself needing to kill those fools later."
Gender: Male
Teaches: Telepath (info, powers, RP info)
Path: Telepath
Voice: Speaks with what is most closely described as a Persian or Tehrani accent. Speaks in calm, even tones, only occasionally hinting at anger when he is pushed, but even then he does not raise his voice.
Apparent Personality: Eskoph is one of the most outspoken of the wraith guides, and is the leader of the few wraiths who seek to over-throw Crow.
Stature: Eskoph's silhouette is average in height and weight, but appears garbed in some form of cloak or hooded robe.
Claimed Age: 1,300 years


"I am not so impolite that I would let a question I can answer go unanswered. Especially in these news days where much of what passed has been lost in time...There is nothing I can say that can prove my words true but as it stands words are all I have and thus are all that I am,"
Gender: Female
Teaches: Immortal
Path: Shadow (info, powers, RP info)
Voice: Gwyllia's tone has an odd rasp to it, and she speaks in little more than a whisper. Her accent is most closely linked to one of the Celtic tribes from the British Isles, as her name would suggest.
Apparent Personality: Gwyllia is the closest ally of Eskoph, and is open with her claims regarding Crow being a deceptive creature. However, Gwyllia seems unable to concentrate on one thing for a very long period of time (possibly due to the shadow realm's isolation), and will often tell stories to vampires who will listen. Because of this, she is a potentially good source of vampiric histories, if her stories are to be believed.
Stature: Gwyllia is a tall, shapely silhouette with hair which falls far below her waist.
Claimed Age: 1,000 years


"We kill, we sire, we die, we wait in the Realm of Shadows. Then one day, when our lies are spent, we are engulfed and reborn inside a new childe. Being reborn is no bad thing, but it is here, in the Realm of Shadows, where you are closest to Death Herself."
Gender: Male
Teaches: Fadewalker
Path: Necromancer (info, powers, RP info)
Voice: Hantu has a thick central-African sounding accent, which booms and echoes off the walls as he speaks.
Apparent Personality: Hantu is a wraith who seems content to reside in the shadow realm, claiming it to be the true home of all vampires. He has many philosophies about the nature of death, but is typically unwilling to speak to anyone but his students.
Stature: Hantu is a silhouette of average size and shape, with a smoothly shaped head, suggesting it was kept shaved in life.
Claimed Age: Unknown


"Hail the victorious dead! Hail mighty warriors all! How many their quarry they bled? Their tallies, the gold of a fool."
Gender: Male
Teaches: Shadow (info, powers, RP info)
Path: Shadow
Voice: Hykajae has a slightly nasally pitch to his voice, and an accent suggesting, perhaps, a far-eastern origin.
Apparent Personality: An elusive and confusing vampire who seems to enjoy speaking in riddles almost constantly. He will often laugh at seemingly random things, as if he has found his own private joke, or merely finds the sound of modern accents amusing.
Stature: Very slim, average height
Claimed Age: 700 years


"All are one, indistinct save for in our ability to perceive them."
Gender: Male
Teaches: Shifter
Path: Killer (info, powers, RP info)
Voice: Klae speaks with an average (but somehow tuneful) tone and an accent which indicates north-African or middle-eastern origins.
Apparent Personality: Klae is mostly an unsociable creature, and treats most vampires as inferior or annoying. He has an air of arrogance about him, but is not known for cruelty. Klae is one of the 3 wraiths who actively rebel against Crow, but it would seem that Klae is less willing to discuss his views or insights into the situation.
Stature: Klae is slightly shorter than the other male wraith guides, but he is clearly a muscular, imposing figure. The silhouette of his hair falls in long braids down his back.
Claimed Age: Klae claims to be the second oldest of the wraith guides, but he does not say how old.


Gender: Female
Teaches: Killer (info, powers, RP info)
Path: Killer
Voice: Raeserri's accent seems clearly of Italian origin. Her voice is quite high-pitched, and she speaks very quickly.
Apparent Personality: Raeserri seems by far the friendliest of all the wraiths. In her brief windows of time in the realm of flesh, she is happy to discuss many things with vampires, but isn't always very clear when she speaks due to her stubborn refusal to put any effort into studying modern customs or languages.
Stature: Curvaceous but not quite chubby. Medium height.
Claimed Age: 600 years


Gender: Male
Teaches: Seeker
Path: Mystic (info, powers, RP info)
Voice: Vadasz has a slow, menacing tone to his voice, with what sounds a little like a German accent.
Apparent Personality: Vadasz gives off a cold, mysterious, dangerous air. He reveals very little about himself, and seems not to care for the other wraiths any more than he does modern vampires.
Stature: Fairly slim, average height, athletic build.
Claimed Age: Unknown


Gender: Male
Teaches: Allurist (info, powers, RP info)
Path: Unknown
Voice: Gruff. Accent and speech patterns are so far removed from modern day that they are very hard to place, though it seems just as likely that Varhexen traveled widely in life and picked up many accents.
Apparent Personality: Varhexen speaks little, but when he does he talks with the grace and knowledge of a king. He listens very closely to what vampires have to say to him, but most often simply replies with partial quotes from philosophers and scholars, both old and new. He is even-tempered and perceptive.
Stature: Varhaxen stands slightly over six feet tall, but is of average build. Very rarely moves.
Claimed Age: Claims to be the oldest of the wraith guides.

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