Wyatt Bancroft

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Wyatt Bancroft
Professional details
Title: Mayor of Harper Rock
Occupation: Politician
Political Affiliation: New Democratic
Years active: 2014 - present
Personal details
Born: 1965, date unknown
49 years old
Race: Human
Status: Thrall - master unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Complexion: Tanned
Height: 5'10"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Short, black
Eyes: Hazel
Spouse: Lydia Bancroft
Children: Kimberly Bancroft (25)
Susan Bancroft (21)
Residence: Harper Rock, Ontario
Alma Mater: University of Toronto

Elected on November 15th 2014 by a landslide, Bancroft is the current mayor of Harper Rock. For more information about his role in previous Chapters, see Chapter History.

2014 Election Platform

Bancroft is quite a liberal-minded individual with a good deal of charm and intelligence. He speaks a lot of about education, traditional libraries, and the youth of Harper Rock. Believes in concentrating efforts first on the common people of the city, in the hopes that this will in turn slow down illegal narcotics trade, and eventually reinvigorate industrial and commercial avenues. Is generally in favour of a better trained police force, but severely dislikes the idea of any kind of interference from the military in civic affairs, outside of quarantine zone containment. Advocates not destroying the QZ, but instead trying to rescue as many survivors as possible, keeping the area contained for an extended period of time if necessary. Talks a lot about the families of the survivors not having closure. Advocates a temporary extra tax on big businesses, in order to help with reparations and security in the city, as it would be in corporate interests, long-term. Is pressing for better gun control and more metal detectors on major city establishments, to stop violence in heavily populated areas. Was leading in polls, before being involved in a scandal involving an "episode" where he was involved in assaulting a man who cut him off while driving. It then came to light that he's in counseling for his temper. Receives funding from some businesses and foundations, but the majority of his campaign funds seem to come from an unknown source that seems impossible to track down.

  • He has a wide face, a rounded jaw and is always clean shaven.
  • His clothes are usually quite practical and he prefers them to be light coloured.
  • A notable feature is his clear skin.
  • People tend to find him a bit attractive, for an older gentleman.
  • His relationship with his wife is strained due to his fairly infrequent outbursts.
  • On the surface, he is a friendly and agreeable man with a love of the arts.
  • Beneath the surface, he is prone to outbursts of frightening rage, moments of anxiety, and gets tired quite easily. Often seems confused when under extreme pressure, as if he isn't quite sure where he is.
  • Is knowledgeable about art and film history, economics and law.
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