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Always walking alone. (Open, short/medium replies.)

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Always walking alone. (Open, short/medium replies.)

PostTue Jun 20, 2017 4:42 pm

It was another night-one she had spent alone. Luna was use to walking alone, use to traveling these dangerous areas. She has had her share of small groups, but in the end someone leaves, dies or she has to take care of such things herself. Her hands are stained with blood of many others, and even her own. But lately the loneliness has been bothering her. She yet has to fear death, zombies or even the people she may run into. Her fear is to constantly fight a never ending battle alone. She does not crave romance, nor even the intimate parts of a relationship. She craves a side kick, a partner in crime. She had always been this way, her whole live. She remembered her grandmother always said "Luna, you need to find someone nice." The thought made Luna laugh since she wanted no one in the way her grandmother wanted her to have.
Luna was a complicated woman, she only cared for her artwork, her photography, her grandmother. Much more than that she had always ignored the outcomes. She lack friends, but she had many clients who pretended to be her friend. To get discounts, or some other source they could use Luna for. She never fell for it, but hey it was amusing. But here she was, walking into a town she did not even know the name of. Lacking the thought of paying attention to signs, she knew it was summer, cause she was warm in the pair of torn pants she has, and even the torn shirt that should give her a breeze. Pulling her hair up into a bun. Making sure nothing was too loose, easy to grab. She broke out her knife and began to walk slowly. Seeing a gas station she smirked. "Perhaps you have some food, or maybe some water." she mumbled to herself.
Tapping in the window with her knife, clearly seeing if anyone alive or dead lingered inside, nothing responded. So she tapped a little louder, and again nothing did. She pushed the door open, a bell rang above it. Glancing up as she shook her head. "Lovely". Slowly moving to where Twinkies, ding dongs would be. Cause she had a hope some would still exist, even if they would be expired. Luna was craving some sweets, more than even water. But it had been over a year since she found anything good, mingling her way right over to see what was life, and all their was, was an open, empty packaged of Twinkies. Grumbling she slid down the wall to take a breather. It was way too hot outside, as it was in the gas station. But at least their was no sun beating down on her back..

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